Charles II / Carolean Furniture History

A quick guide to Charles II / Carolean furniture history

Charles II ascended to the throne in 1660 bringing to an end England's republic and the return of monarchy.

Charles II / Carolean Furniture

Charles II and his court had spent years in exile in the fashionable centres of France and Holland and had learnt to admire the styles of furniture. On their return to their homeland they transplanted French and Dutch baroque tastes to London and English furniture. Elaborate furniture of the European continent, particularly that belonging to the Louis XIV Baroque style, spread into the homes of wealthy Londoners. The pieces were veneered, gilded, marquetry-inlaid and lacquered. However, in provincial areas of England, country furniture continued being made of oak in the semi-Gothic Jacobean styles.

Charles II / Carolean Antiques

Charles II furniture was made in great variety and quantity. It can be found today and remains popular in the market place.

Charles II / Carolean Furniture Facts

Monarchs: Charles II

Dates: 1660 - 1685

Important Developments: Great Fire of London. Walnut becoming more popular . The Age of the Cabinetmaker.

Materials: Walnut and exotic veneers