Queen Anne Furniture History

A quick guide to Queen Anne furniture history

Queen Anne of England reigned from 1702 – 1714 and in this age English baroque furniture hit the peak of its history.

Queen Anne Furniture

Queen Anne furniture was the start of the English movement of self-styled furniture which competed happily alongside that of our French and Dutch neighbours. English furniture started to become elegant, well proportioned and decorated. Walnut was still the main timber used. The claw and ball foot made its appearance in English furniture design; lacquered work was very decorative and elaborate also during this period.

Queen Anne Antiques

Queen Anne pieces have survived in some number, but still demand a high price when found in the market place.

Queen Anne Furniture Facts

Monarchs: Queen Anne

Dates: 1702-1714

Important Developments: Baroque style influential. Laquered and decorative.

Materials: Walnut