Jacobean Furniture History

A quick guide to Jacobean furniture history

The Jacobean era is named after King James I who ruled from 1603 until 1625. James 1 belonged to the Stuart family as did his son and successor King Charles I, reigning from 1625 until 1649.

Jacobean Furniture

The early Jacobean furniture period inspired much of the early American furniture of the pilgrims (in America Jacobean style furniture is often called Pilgrim furniture), it was similar to Elizabethan furniture made of oak and of a solid, sturdy construction. Early Jacobean furniture had still not fully embraced European influences. Later Jacobean styles were influenced by the greater use of padded upholstery, embroidery and carving.

Jacobean Antiques

Jacobean antiques are also exceptionally rare and mainly found in museums and great houses, with choice pieces of furniture occasionally appearing in the market place.

Jacobean Furniture Facts

Monarchs: James I

Dates: 1603-1625

Important Developments: Furniture slightly more ornate and the use of padded upholstery

Materials: Oak